Mikey Monday: Game On

That moment when the Washington Capitals my most consistent team…

… and running hard like they really belong in this race.

The Bruins and Capitals have played 144 minutes of hockey and scored a combined four goals. The Flyers/Penguins are averaging four goals per period in their series.  Needless to say I’m a bit high strung about tonight’s first home game in DC.  There are a lot of us who like both the Pens and Caps – weird, but true.  Tonight I’m mad at my boyfriend (the Pens) and probably going to get rowdy about that guy I keep saying is “just a friend” (the Caps Nicky B Mike even Ovi for heaven’s sake).

Mike had four shots on goal Saturday (Jay Beagle had six. SIX!) and played over 33 minutes.  I want him to score so everyone can shut up about how he used to be like Erik Karlsson.  (It’s true but I get so defensive!)

Here’s Mike talking about feeling “the best [he has] in two years” and how tight games frustrate both teams [link].  His hair is so Elvis from this angle he’ll be asking all the cameras to shoot this way from now on.

He even uses “attrition” correctly in a sentence.  Break out your SAT words (or whatever they have in Canada) for the playoffs!

And remember that time Sasha Fierce blocked a shot?!  I KNOW!  Everybody’s into it now!

I want to see more of those plays and this expression tonight while I’m jumping around, trying not to fall from the 400s at Verizon Center.

PS: Sorry to Chuck for all the things I’m going to say about the Bruins, right out loud this time.

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  1. You totally know that Mike has studied his reflection in the mirror to find his best angle: left side of his face, head tilted down. His eyelashes don’t come close to Viktor Stalberg’s, but keep doing it, Mikey. You’re working it!

    And attrition? I’m seriously, actually impressed. He must have done well on his Alberta departmental exams in high school. Who knew 52 was a word buff?

  2. Bless this blog for these pictures (although how I’m now going to get much done today, I don’t know). I’m such a sucker for his aww-shucks vaguely “shy” vibe he’s projecting here that it’s a bit embarrassing. Ah, well.

  3. KitKat Reply

    TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT!!!!!!! I am feeling we’re going to see 52 building on the game he had Saturday… one of those beauties has to trickle into the net. I can’t wait to Rock the Red tonight!