Back To One

I was beginning to think I was me.  When the Pens, Caps and Hawks all went down 0-1 in their playoff series, I wondered if I might be cursed.  Then Friday’s debacle in Pittsburgh had me panicking – should I sit on the couch or the floor?  But I did that last time!  Jersey or t-shirt, with or without my Penguins socks, and what if I switched from lemonade to iced tea?

Yesterday something finally worked.

Sasha Fierce gets in there and does not let go.

The Capitals got another stellar performance from Foxy Friday Braden Holtby in a match up so tight I can hardly breathe.   I almost fainted from screaming pure joy at Nicky B’s double-overtime winner.  Some goals would be nice tomorrow night, and maybe a regulation win.  Gator and I have to take the metro home after the game.

I also believe Boston could hear me screaming expletives at Brad Marchand, or Mike can just read my mind.  Sorry Chuck, at least he didn’t go after Bergeron for trying to rip off Nicky’s visor.

"I said Team Pants, you troll!"

I may have dozed off during the Blackhawks game, but I remember waking more than once to the announcers yelling, “Viktor Stalberg!”  He had a great game, and the sole assist on the OT game winner by Bryan Bickell.  Now I know why they’re called throw pillows – so you can celebrate in silence when your hockey team wins at 1:07 AM.

Today is game day all over again – I’m rested and ready.  I’m not sure my outfit or snack choice can help the Penguins – they’re going to need to plug the holes in their boat if the want to get back in this series.  I believe in Fleury!


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  1. scorpiosue1102 Reply

    I’m with you Pants. Hawks are my #1 since I grew up loving them i.e. the old Denis Savard days, but the Caps and Pens are deeply rooted in my heart now.

    I had to stop watching the Caps game to take my son to a Chicago Wolves game. Thank goodness for smartphones. I whooped when I saw that the Caps won. Then my Hawks won… I felt infinitely better. Though I love me some Gingeroux, the Pens seriously need to win. Also, none of this 8-5 crap. I want a tight 2-1 win by the Pens.

  2. i find it somewhat ammusing that almost the split second the puck reaches the net tim tomas started off toward the locker room.