We're So Excited…And We Just Can't Hide It!


Pants and I are proud to announce that during the playoffs, WUYS will be writing a weekly post on Puck Daddy!!

So much of this right now.

It’ll be about the best (and worst) playoff beards, which is one of the things we simply adore about hockey players.

I heart beards so much that I have been know to accost totally strangers in bars and ask them if I can touch their beards.

Creepy?  Absolutely, but I just can’t resist.  Especially when they are so fluffy.

Special thanks to Greg Wyshynski from Puck Daddy for giving us this great honor.  According to him, he feels our “particular brand of whimsy” regarding this topic would be “sick.”

Best. Compliment. Evah.

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  1. Awesome! Puck Daddy? Congrats!

    Glad more crazy hockey fans will get to read your blogs. Keep writing. We love ya!

  2. Deanna Reply

    Congratulations, ladies! That’s incredible! Can’t wait to read them 🙂

  3. Josie Reply

    YAYYYY 🙂 Congratulations!!! You girls all rock!

  4. raedanda Reply

    Wow! This is amazing news! It’s just a wonder that it’s taken them THIS long to appreciate what you all do! 😉

    Congrats all around to everybody at the WUYS office! 🙂

  5. Props, ladies. MAD PROPS.

  6. Kate Reply

    Congrats!!! I cannot wait to read your posts.

  7. MelTing Reply

    Congratulations! Do us proud!

  8. Incessant arm flailing and squealing all the way from Canada on this news! So proud and excited for you girls – congratulations!!!

  9. sarah Reply

    Congrats!!! Puck Daddy is awesome and so are Y’ALL!!!! Woot!

  10. Cya Reply

    Congrats!! it’s well deserved!

  11. MouthGuard Reply

    Even though we all know who’s gonna consistently have the best/worst beards week in and week out (Best: Sheanene Weber, Bergy, Seabs, Jumbo, King Henrik, Superstar, Duper, Kesler, Bertuzzi, Zetterberg, Richie – Worst: Sid, Geno, Quick, Pekka, Karlsson, Stepan, Schenn, Smithson, Verbeauty, Kaner, Cap’n Serious, Cootch) it will be a ton of fun seeing how you guys present us with what we already know in an entirely new and perverse way. 🙂 Very excited for you, and well-deserved expanded coverage.

  12. Melissa Reply

    So awesome!!! Couldn’t think of a better site to contribute to Puck Daddy then you guys! Next stop…The Big Time!! 🙂

  13. Kate Reply

    Awesome! Between your posts and hockey hugs I may read a little more puck daddy for the playoffs!

  14. Alli Reply

    Way to go girls!!! Soon everyone will fall in love with your WHIMSY– when you get all famous ‘n stuff…will you remember us? 🙂 Can’t wait to follow you over on puckdaddy!

  15. Ahhh!! Congratulations, Ladies! That is absolutely awesome!