Sixty for Stamkos

Saturday was an epic hockey marathon featuring every team in the NHL.  Some games were for playoff position, others were a last hurrah.  For me, not even that killer Caps win came close to seeing Steven Stamkos score his 60th goal of the season.

And get a pie in the face.

Stop looking at Ran Malone’s tattoos and focus! [video]

Stamkos is the 20th player in NHL history to score 60 in a season.  He got 48 of them at even strength.  Probably all of them were from Squishy (not an actual statistic).  Brittany (@kneesandtoews) and I were Landeskoging all over the place.  She is the biggest Bolts fan we know (actual statistic).

Summer is already too long.

Sunday was for drying tears over the teams we won’t see again until September.  To send you all off, an adorable story about Stammer & Marty, Best Friends Forever [link].

And two post-game interviews, one regular [link] and one in which Ryan Malone’s tattoos (on his stomach?!) once again steal the show:

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  1. Oh my word…Ryan Malone!

    • So much Landeskoging! Thanks for the shout out ladies 😀

      Time to go drown my regular-season-has-ended sorrows by eating a tub of ice cream, staring at pictures of shirtless hockey players, and making sacrifices to the hockey gods for Toews’ return for the playoffs. Or in other words, my usual Monday night 😛

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