The Blackhawks have won five in a row, including an OT nail-biter against Vancouver last night.  Their next game is Sunday vs. Nashville – a big one for playoff position.  Too bad they’re going to have to do it without Duncan Keith:

No question that’s a dirty play.  Daniel Sedin struggled back to the bench, played one more shift then went to the dressing room [link].  Keith got an elbowing minor and now everyone fully expects him to be suspended.

Shane Doan just got Shanabanned 3 games for elbowing Jamie Benn [link].  Mike Green served 3 games.  But this looks more like Rene Bourque’s hit on Nicklas Backstrom (grrrrrrrrr) that earned a 5-game suspension.  Both Borque and Doan are repeat offenders – this would be Keith’s first suspension.  (Green’s previous suspension was more than 18 months ago, so not classified as a repeat offender – link.)

The NHL has not yet announced a hearing, but with four days till the Hawks play again there is no rush.  Sedin will be re-evaluated today in Vancouver and any sustained injury considered in the case against Keith.  Henrik Sedin spoke after the game, saying Keith “did what he wanted to do” [link].

The Canucks are comfortably atop their Division and could still catch St. Louis for 1st in the West and the President’s Trophy [standings].  That dream takes a dive if they lose Sedin – their only 30-goal scorer on the year.  They play tomorrow night at Dallas.

Doan and Keith have both been publicly contrite about their hits [link], but who cares?  Time to start thinking before you get your elbows up, boys.  If you can’t do it for safety at least do it for your teams down the stretch.  But really, do it for safety.

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  1. scorpiosue1102 Reply

    I love my Blackhawks, but this is a true case of two wrongs don’t make a right. Sedin definitely put his shoulder up to his Keith’s head. That said, Keith should have kept a cool head and let it slide, but no. Keith went after Sedin. He can say he didn’t until he’s blue in the face but he did go after Sedin. The difference between the two hits…..Keith went after Sedin with intention to REALLY go after his head.

    The thing that ticks me off most is that the Hawks are winning and they need their former Norris trophy winning defenseman on the ice rather than taking a suspension. Duncan Keith will definitely be Shanabanned.

    • Cya Reply

      I agree that two wrongs don’t make a right; I just wish that the official saw what let Duncs to go nutz…

  2. It was a dumb hit, but the Canucks are just lucky that suspensions don’t get handed out for:

    Diving, diving, so much diving (wait, can that be a suspension? Is this soccer? I’m confused.)

  3. MelTing Reply

    Stay classy Jess!

  4. Gemma Reply

    Like the Sedins a little better after Henrik’s post game comments: I’m a Leafs fan and don’t care either way.
    This is what Henrik said:
    “It’s one of those hits where things were said before from a certain guy and he did what he wanted to and that’s too bad,” said Henrik, who is a few minutes older than his twin brother. “But again, they are tough team over there and we’re the diving bunch so I guess there’s not much to say about that.” (from the National Post)

  5. Kate Reply

    Request for Andrew Shaw for Foxy Friday.

    • Thank you Kate! I don’t want to wade into the landmine that is this rivalry…let’s talk about the pretty. There’s much to choose from with these teams and they just got a new addition: Andrew Shaw.

    • I second this, not only does he kick butt and somehow manages to be completely adorable at the same time, but he got real personality. Whether or not you guys decide to feature him, he’ll still be my foxy friday.