Honk for Hat Tricks!

Ohhhh, HAT trick. I thought you said PANT trick.  That’s how my jeans ended up on the ice.  Could I have them back?

Flower says, "THIS is the game I don't start?"

Nealmobile had a hat trick last night!  It was the second of his career and first with the Penguins, for a whopping 37 goals on the season.

Goal #1: Stand There, Look Pretty

James does a great job of being open in the right spot.  But look at that passing!  Sid, no-look to the outside to Geno cross-ice in the slot… I weep, it’s so beautiful.

Goal #2: Yaaaaaaaaaaay!

We heart rebounds. Listen to the fan yell when he scores, “Yaaaaaaaaay!” That’s either Kermit the Frog or me.

Goal #3: If You Just Smile

… and have a wicked wrist shot.  Look at him trying not to smile.

Post-Game: Aw, Shucks.

Some other guys played pretty well last night too, in the Penguins 8-4 win over Winnipeg.  TK had 2G, Geno had 2G/3A, Crosby had 4A.  Pucks were flying and TK came thisclose to a hat trick of his own.

Things I Love.

Pittsburgh is one point behind the NY Rangers, who take on Detroit at home tonight.  Go WINGS!  (Haha, what?!)   The Penguins host the Predators tomorrow – lets hope it brings them a shot at the #1 spot in the Eastern Conference!  I’m holding on to the Penguins/Capitals first round dream (and bank account).

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  1. Pants, I was seriously concerned for your health last night. Crosbot, Neal AND Geno on fire?? Crazy! #crosbywatch has totally shifted to the moment he’ll get his first goal since coming back. I’m seeing the Pens on Sunday (!!!!!) – fingers crossed I get to see it in person!

  2. I love how that whole damn team is a bromance. Nealmobile gets a hattie…Flower takes his own hat off and tosses it on the ice.