Mikey Monday: GRRRRRR

The Capitals had a case of the Mondays all weekend.  And not the kind of Monday we like.

This is supposed to be the positive, ‘We can do it!’ place but frankly, my optimism is a little flat.

So I’m going to say nothing and wait for tonight’s game against Detroit.  Then I promise to say lots of things that are NSFThisBlog if the Capitals cannot get their act together.

Only this can cheer me up a little – look at Pat Sajack.  He think Vanna White taps letters harder than these two are going to slap each other.

Sorry this is such a bummer.  And by “this” is mean “the Caps.”

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  1. michelle Reply

    My daughters and i went to donate blood at the Caps blood drive at Kettler on Saturday AM. Next time they will have to collect it from our collectively slit wrists!

  2. There was not enough booze or chocolate (or chocolate booze) in the WORLD for the games this weekend. Only thing even remotely saving the Caps’ bacon is that so much of the rest of the conference fails nearly as much as they do.

    I also never want to watch a game in Winnipeg again. Ever.