Foxy Friday: Nicklas Lidstrom

I was thinking on Tuesday of all the NHL teams and who had never gotten a Foxy Friday (yes, this is what I think about).  Your suggestions are spot on – we’ve never featured a Senator, Star, anyone from the Blues or the Wild.  Or… drum roll… the Red Wings.  (I’m not counting Mike Modano.)  Plus it’s been Swedish Takeover here lately.

So it’s time for Nicklas Lidstrom.

Understand the I dislike the Red Wings with intensity.  Always have.  But no one, not even I, dislikes Nicklas Lidstrom.  He is classy, cool and endlessly well-respected.  That is Foxy.

We’re not talking 20-years ago Nicklas Lidstrom either:

Okay, then too.

We prefer recent-to-current, distinguished gentleman Lidstrom, bathed in the amber glow of 20 years as the NHL’s top defenseman.

At 41-years old, Lidstrom has won 4 Stanley Cups and 7 Norris trophies (including last year).  He’s been selected 12 times for the All-Star Game.  In ’02 he won the Conn Symthe and in ’06 won Olympic Gold.  He’s played for the Red Wings (and only them) longer than Tyler Seguin has been alive (19 seasons).  Lidstrom reached the 1500-game mark in October 2011, Gator and I were there to see it.  (Has she mentioned she’s from Detroit? Reminds me every day.)

Bonus: Norris Trophy presented by my stunt double, Robin Sparkles.

Foxy Friday was pretty much the only award Lidstrom didn’t have.  Surely now all his dreams have come true.

In his career, he has 1,139 regular season + 189 playoff points.  Lidstrom scored his first (and only) hat trick at 40 years old.  He has 4 kids who are undoubtedly the coolest kids at school.  The list goes on and on [link].

Perfect family is perfect.

Nicklas Lidstrom likes to keep everyone guessing.  In ’06 and ’08 he signed two-year contracts, as if he might retire after each.  In ’10 and again in ’11, Lidstrom took one year deals with the Red Wings.  Will he retire at the end of this season?  Probably not.  But just in case, Happy Foxy Friday.

The end.

Wait, what?  Oh all right.  Fine.

We can’t take you guys anywhere.

[Seriously Sweden, what is in your water?!]

I get a kick out of this commercial every time… and @rebelheart87 and I share a confessed thing for Corey Perry too.  Where are they supposed to be going?  For some reason I think it’s IHOP, because I would go for a post-game waffles & eggs with them.

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  1. Sarah Jane Reply

    Thank you for finally having a Red Wing picked for Foxy Friday. You couldn’t have picked a better Detroit player for the honor. Lidstrom is not only an amazing player but a wonderful man. He is a role model and hero to a lot of people in Hockeytown. I can only hope and pray my husband is still playing some sort of hockey at 41…. and looks THAT good. Yummy!

  2. Chuck wins – she chose Jonathan Ericsson a few weeks ago! My mistake! I never watch the Wings so I don’t always remember. 😉

  3. OMG…fantasic choice….fantastic pics.

    BTW….you did feature Jason Arnott before and he is now on the Blues….feel free to feature him again as I LOVE him!!

  4. raedanda Reply

    Confession: I gasped way too many times reading this post.

    Great job as always with finding such pic/pec-torial treasures! 🙂

  5. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!! He’s probably one of the nicest hockey players I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet, not to mention gorgeous. I bet he was just waiting on this last honor before he retires; sitting by his laptop every friday surfing through WUYS’ posts.

  6. After retiring from the NHL Lidstrom needs to take up a career in science (I’m looking at you, Jess) – whatever he’s doing to prevent ageing like other mere mortals needs to be studied in a lab. Without his shirt on like the photos above demonstrate.

    This is also the final straw – I’m officially moving to Sweden. Of buying a lifetime supply of Swedish water. Good lord.

    • True fact! My goal in science was to make puppies and kittens remain puppies and kittens and not turn into dogs and cats. That was before I got old and started doing science for reals. However, should Nick Lidstrom decide to donate himself to the cause, I heartily volunteer to study him. And hey, I already have a head start seeing as I saw him in all his DILF glory every day at the pool in Vegas last year (I will never stop telling this story, bee tee dubs). Of all the players I saw, he had the best beach body, hands down, up and all over.

  7. jencallisto Reply

    My favorite hockey-related commercial! Low-key and endearing. Lidstrom is an excellent Foxy Friday choice!

    For the Stars, well, Burish is the most entertaining? And Cal Clutterbuck of the Wild kinda looks like a silent movie star when he’s trying. Plus his name is the basically the greatest.

  8. ZOMG – those last pictures… Exactly Patrick Swayze, non? In the face, yes?

    Also – has there been a Foxy Friday from the Jets? I maintain my slow-news-day submission of Evander Kane.

    • Gator and I just had a one minute meeting of the minds about Blake Wheeler… he’s in too. #futurefoxyfirday

      • Don’t forget about Andrew Ladd! The Captain makes an excellent #futurefoxyfriday choice, IMO.

  9. Deanna Reply

    Ahhh Lids. The fact that he doesn’t age is kind of freaky, but I’ll never, ever complain if he keeps doing photo shoots without a shirt on

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