Sh*t Nobody Says – Pittsburgh Edition

As the resident Ovechkin fan, I’m used to being odd-man-out so I’m just going to go for it today in this edition of:

With the return of Crosby, is it REALLY a good idea? I give you the following reasons:

1. Chemistry – Malkin is ON F*CKING FIRE. His run for the Hart trophy could be stifled too. Fair? Discuss.

2. They are, already, pardon my Charlie Sheen re-hash – WINNING!

3. With only a few games left and a tough schedule, Rangers, Philadelphia, no one is going to treat the kid with, ‘kid gloves’ so why, with the above points, bring Sidney back? Let him completely recover and start fresh next year.

4. Pittsburgh has so much depth in their line-up and I’m not suggesting this because I want them to lose, I just honestly can’t go through another CROSBY’S RETURN -THE DECADE, two years was honestly enough.

5. On a brighter note, I have it on VERY GOOD AUTHORITY, SEXY SHOW PONY …

What's that you say?

I told you, I'm playing tonight. Got it? Not, girls love. But they do.

So he no longer needs a hobby because he's baaaaaaack! But I'll wear a leash and he can walk me!



So, you’ll know where I’ll be about 4:00 PM PDT today. And if MY PRETTY PONY is still sidelined, I still have my Sidney Crosby drinking game to keep company! 🙂

Cheers! DC

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  1. Tia616 Reply

    I am a Penguins fan, and I’ve been a Penguin since I was 6. But I agree with you completely, they really do not need Crosby be right now! They have Malkin, Neal, Kunitz line that is the best in the league!!! And they are like a match made in heaven, lol. Also, I don’t want him to get injured…. Again. Something else I really didn’t like, was the fact that the announcers before the game started were all over Crosby and completely forgot about Kris Letang coming back! And same thing happened during the game, they didn’t even mention Letang until the 3rd period!!! I mean, what are they attached at the hip of Crosby? There are other players too, that deserve to be talked about. I love the team, but not how everybody in the NHL kisses Crosby’s behind.

    Sorry if I offended anyone. Didn’t mean too.

    P.S. Is the dog in the picture with Kris Letang, is that really his dog? If so, they make a cute couple!