I hope I didn’t exhaust the #sorrychuck tag this weekend, because it needs one more outing.  Steven Stamkos scored his 50th goal of the season last night in Tampa Bay’s 6-1 rout of the Bruins.

I was #Landeskoging all over even though I wasn’t watching the game.  Stammer was the first star, naturally.

Enjoy this out-of-focus post-game interview, which will make you feel like you had a few celebratory beers.

It’s no secret that I really want Tampa Bay to make the playoffs (just not at the expense of Washington).  I refuse to acknowledge the chance this might not happen, instead preferring this formula for success:

– The Capitals win their last 12 games straight, maybe even one in regulation.

– The Lightning win 12 of their last 13, excluding the one they lose to the Caps.

– The Panthers, Sabres, Jet and Maple Leafs (and hell, the Senators too) lose all of their remaining games.

I just need more of this:

Unless Evgeni Malkin goes on a goal-scoring tear in Pittsburgh (hey, it could happen), Steven will win the Rocket Richard Trophy for most goals.  He shared the award in 2010 with Crosby – also known as the Day of the Disco Suit.

Geno and Stammer are neck-and-neck for the Art Ross Trophy (most points overall), with Gingeroux hot on their heels.  Sorry Claude but I want Stamkos for one, Malkin for the other and cupcakes for everyone.

I’ll be the girl in the Lightning shirt at the gym later.  Come say hi.

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  1. michelle Reply

    Do we know if Chuck is OK? i was seriously concerned after her anguished tweets last night. I was feeling her pain until, miracle of miracles, the Caps extracted their collective heads from their collective behinds and pulled out of the 4-1 deficit to win in the shootout. UNbelievable. Hendy is my fave grinder!

  2. Becky Reply

    As a Bruins fan, that was just brutal. My son’s squirt team is playing with more heart and they can be a bunch of slackers.

    Gingeroux needs to lead the Bruins in a power play clinic the next time he is in town. It would be better if they could just decline the penalty like they do in football.

    50 goals! That is just awesome anyway you look at it. He looked so happy and he’s adorable when he is happy.