Mikey Monday: Time Out

Mike is currently in detention, serving his 3-game ban for a hit to the head.  He spoke to reporters yesterday [video link] and was pretty contrite about it.  This is a classy way to disagree with a ruling but still take your lumps.

Well handled, Mr. Green.

Roman Hamrlik has replaced Mike in the last two games, and the Caps have won both. Unrelated, yes.  But lucky too because it takes away some of the sting when this could have put the Caps in a really bad spot.

Hopefully the Caps can get past the Islanders tomorrow night, then Mike will be back for Friday’s game in Winnipeg.  Super important stuff.

Can I be honest for a moment?  I got distracted by how completely effing perfect he is.  Didn’t hear a word he said, had to watch it again and again.  WUYS is on such a boy band-esque sugar high today that we need a slumber party full of pillow fights and ice cream.  You’re all invited and Mike would definitely attend.

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  1. We are fangirling so hard today.

    We love everyone! Every hockey player in the world is hot! AAAHAHAHAHAHHA!

    • My inner monologue. At all times.

  2. Kitkat Reply

    This fangirling is the only thing making my Monday bearable…. I feel like I just got my new issue of Tiger Beat in the mail and a shirtless River Phoenix is on the cover.

    • Can we rename Mike Mondays to Fangirl Mondays? Doesn’t have the same ring to it but today has been PERFECT. A smorgasbord of sexy.

  3. You guys have made my Monday, as always. You and Mikey’s insanely perfect, perfect hair (how does he make it do that? magic?) and puppy face.

    • Kitkat Reply

      Can NHL36 do a special on players hair? Gingeroux, Mikey, Letang, etc. -you get the picture. I think we would all have some sort of hockeyhairmeltdown