Calling in Sick

Hey look, somebody with all their clothes on!

Sorry, it’s Monday and I’m punchy.  Plus I can’t get past this goal from Saturday night.  The Flyers and Maple Leafs went all of regulation and overtime waiting for this one.  Claude Giroux with the ridiculous shootout game-winner:

Are you kidding me?  It’s so beautiful I want to cry.  Datsyuk never makes me cry.  Here’s G talking about how he gets away with stuff like that and Bryz finally rendered speechless by something he cannot explain.

What is it with Giroux?!  He’s wearing a purple Italian restaurant tablecloth as a shirt. With a polka dot tie! [link]  I’d remind you that he plays for the Flyers, but I get the distinct impression you are ignoring me.

Just drink your Kool-Aid.

This is my innocent face.

Maybe even better than that goal?  The reaction of his teammates on the bench.  Pretty much what everyone everywhere did.

The bad guy in movies is always so handsome.  Well it doesn’t work on us, so keep walking, Ginger!  WELP.  As if that weren’t enough, he’s also ridiculously underpaid.  Like Extreme Couponing-meets-one of those storage unit shows where you buy the place and find the Hope Diamond inside.  The $5 million Claude will make in 2013-14 doesn’t even crack the top 50 NHL salaries for this year. [link]

Philly is 7-3 in their last 10, currently 5th in the East and tied with New Jersey at 85 points.  They lost to the Devils yesterday (4-1) and play them again tomorrow.  NJ is struggling a bit, going 5-4-1 over that stretch.  Both teams are within spitting distance of Pittsburgh at 89 points (9-1-0, thankyouverymuch) and in danger of being caught by Ottawa with 81.

Only kidding. I was totally thinking about your underwear.

If the Penguins play the Flyers in the first round, I’m going to need to brush up on my swear words.  It would require some very specific commentary.


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  1. YOU PLAY WITH MAX TALBOT. What are you WEARING, Gingeroux??
    I’m fully hydrated thanks to the KoolAid you’ve been doling out (give in, Chuck!) but this is almost too much.
    It’s a good thing he’s so dammed good at hockey, ‘cuz otherwise this insipid affair would be over.

    • Whimper! I miss Max. I almost forgot how much till I watched the Flyers warm-up in DC last weekend. His hair’s all long and rogue-ish too, like he knows. Talbot has a career-high 18 goals this season! If he breaks 20 I will dance. I hated to see him go orange but at least he’s succeeding there. Now, if Giroux can teach him to score goals maybe Max can intervene in the “all-plaid, all-the-time” department.

  2. michelle Reply

    glug, glug, glug…. keep that Koolaid coming…

  3. Kitkat Reply

    I am blaming Canada for this clothing foul (it is the only explanation I can come up wtih)…. I have a possible upcoming work trip to Toronto and I am afraid for my eyes. I can only hope if I do run in to some plaid-on-plaid-on-plaid it is someone as attractive as the NHL’ers we know and love who choose to celebrate this fashion faux-pas

  4. I’m just sitting here like a proud Mama Hen, mixing up a new batch of kool-aid for you all

    Next, we’ll have you fawning over Danny’s soft spoken French Canadian-ness (maybe not, you’ve already got Letang) or admiring Hartnell’s inane ability to fall down in the process of scoring 60% of his goals.

    Max, bless his heart, wears neon orange pants to autograph signings in Philly…I wouldn’t bank on him to be Ginger Jesus’ fashion savoir

  5. Ness Reply

    This game, and this goal, almost killed me. I witnessed my favourite ginger in the league score the prettiest goal ever while simultaneously sinking my beloved Leafs and our playoff chances. It’s a wonder I’m still here…Claude, please stop making me love you! I don’t think I can take anymore!

  6. dawncherrie Reply

    I have a secret crush on him!