When I get an email from my co-worker Shades with the subject line “Weird Things Happen in Vancouver Friday,” it’s safe to assume he’s been watching hockey clips.  These are from and almost make us like the Canucks.  Blergh.  Jonathan Toews, hug us!

The best thing about this video?  

Bieksa and Kesler do this in the locker room every day.

Keep watching, he sings the lyrics. [original link]

Juice is in on this one too, and it’s a winner.  The one-way train to Laugh Land makes frequent stops at the WUYS office.  Good thing we didn’t plan on getting any work done today.

[original link]

Happy weekend, everyone!


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  1. Josephine Reply

    That litle kid got invited to fly to New York and appeared on the Today show (sunday) and he got to dance again in the studio.

    Canucks aren’t bad…..give them a chance. 🙂 Especially David Booth – he’s such a cutie. Hoping he becomes part of your Foxy Fridays!!!