Mikey Monday: Cautious Optimism

The Caps won.  Twice!  It’s sad how exciting this is, but we are taking what we can get.  The last time they had back-to-back wins, no one had even heard of Tebowing and everyone in New England still liked Gisele.


Even better: I got to see Mike play Friday night, for the first time since October 22!  This long-distance relationship was really bumming me out.  The Habs fans next to us at the pre-game skate were trying to translate “headgehog” on their phones and wondering what the crap Gator and I were laughing at.  Mike’s hair really is astounding.

From washingtoncapitals.tumblr.com (thanks @CheskiDC)

It’s lovely to see him out there quarterbacking the power play – especially the moments he’s sharing the blue like with Brooks.  We squee.  And Mike must feel pretty good if he’s hitting guys like this…

Mike’s logging 20-ish minutes a game.  Good thing, because if whatever’s going to happen for the Caps doesn’t happen now, it won’t be happening at all.  He says he’s a “little bit tired” but almost 100% [video].  Don’t be modest, Fidget.

Capitals vs. Islanders tomorrow night.  Tickets are $20 (seriously), so Gator and I will be seeing that face again.  Or was it this face?

Yeah, that hurts.

Side note: Via Twitter, John Carlson spent yesterday reading The Hunger Games.  If someone wings a copy of Catching Fire over the glass with a phone number scrawled on the cover… well, let’s hope he calls Gator.

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  1. ABC Reply

    Is it wrong that when I saw Carlson posting about Hunger Games that I thought the movie was out already and he saw it? Because I just didn’t picture him laying around reading. Is that bad of me? He’s got to be smarter than I think, he was accepted to play college hockey. But this is the guy that said he retired his writing career back in 2008 (year he graduated from high school) when there was some confusion that he was writing a blog post about him and Karl as roommates and not filming it.

    Anyway, go Mike! So nice to see him back. I’m also going to Caps vs Islanders so I’ll look for some women squealing when Mike skates by at warmups.

    • Gator decided that it must mean Karl has already read The Hunger Games and passed it on, as he’s clearly the brains behind their operation.