From: Pants, Re: Your Pants

Nicky B and iCarly hosted a hockey school yesterday.  First John goes on vacation with Mike, now this? [video]  It’s like an all-out offensive being launched against me and Gator.

It’s great to see Backstrom doing anything these days.  We have not heard that he’s skating or even working out, though he looks energetic here.  Apparently iCarly’s dorky high-five doesn’t count as contact.

As happy as this makes us… Nicklas, we need to talk about your pants.  John’s are excellent color and fit, plus “distressed” or “vintage” if you must.  But yours… is that stonewash?  With black shoes?

They could almost be skinny jeans – I’m not really even sure how you got them on over those legs.  If they’re borrowed from Ovi, you should give them right back.  Unless you’re trying to make that girl in the head-to-toe shamrock romper feel better about what she wore to work.

There are certain things we’re willing to put aside for the love of hockey – Mike’s problem with ‘your’ vs. ‘you’re’ and James Neal’s personal pronoun confusion.  But these jeans and that camouflage Under Armor on Matt Duchene are close to the line.  You’re so perfect and European but even we have limits.

Regardless, we love you.  Come back soon.  Wear hockey pants, they look weird on everyone.

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  1. Lisa Reply

    It is hard to make correct fashion decisions when you have a head injury! Damn you Rene Borque!!!

  2. Oh, no, he didn’t.
    Really, Nicky? Really?
    Wardrobe malfunction if there ever was one.

  3. Michelle Reply

    Seriously roaring at today’s blog posts. Literally guffawed aloud at the hair salon this AM. I love you guys, I really really do!

    • Thanks Michelle!

      We love knowing that we can help make someone’s day a little bit more enjoyable with our ridiculousness. 🙂

  4. Cassy Reply

    Are you sure that was Nicky B? Because I was out in Bristol, England last night and I’m sure I saw him. Really. Same colour hair, build. I don’t think he caught me staring. I think my jaw hit the floor.

    If not, this guy had to be a close relative. And I do mean CLOSE.

  5. Can we discuss the fact that I’m pretty sure Nicky is wearing sandals? Most likely with black socks. It’s like he’s channeling my father.

  6. Alli Reply

    okay… it takes a lot to make me look past this feast of hotness, but now I cannot take my eyes off the girl in the unfortunate green outfit. Was it a subtle (or not-so-subtle, really) way to show support for #52? I guess we’ll never know…