Foxy Friday: Matt Duchene

If you haven’t realized it yet, Pants and I are sort of nerds (in a sexy, classy way of course).  So it it is only natural that we have a soft spot for nerdy guys.

They are the ying to our yang.  The milk to our cereal.  The chips to our salsa.

Now, when they happen to be  nerdy hockey players…well, that’s even better!  Our hearts just explode with rainbows and glitter.

Take this week’s Foxy Friday, for example.

Matt Duchene

"Who are you wearing?" "Uh, not sure. My mom bought this for me."

Is there anyone more adorkable? Seriously.

I mean look at him. He’s got to be one the nerdiest in the NHL.

But you know what?  It makes him all the more foxier.

So let’s break it down.  Why is Matt “Pass the Dutchy” Duchene deserving of such a prestigious honor like Foxy Friday?

He’s got the serious hockey flow. We all love the flow… when done correctly. (We’re looking at you, Steven Stamkos.)

Dutchy gives you WINGS!

He is a fan of nerdy things – just like us.  Soulmate.

He’s got the sweet dance moves.

He love vodka.  So do we, Matt.  So. Do. We.

He loves country music.  Which automatically makes Pants love him more.

Honestly, how can you not love a man who can go from this…

We love a man that can rock a jort.

to this…

Hai sexy girlfriend.

It’s called versatility, people.

He’s self-deprecating and goofy and he gives off the vibe that he doesn’t take himself so seriously.  Which I’m sure most of us can attest to, is a very foxy quality in a man – hockey player or otherwise.

Obviously, we can’t forget Matt’s hockey skills, which is a large part of the reason why he is this week’s honoree.

He’s only got 25 points this season (12 G/13 A) but he did just returned to the lineup on Feb. 18th after missing 20 games with a knee injury.

But when you score flithy goals like this AND play on a line with Gabe Landeskog and Ryan O’Reilly (aka the Ultrasound Line), we don’t think it will take very long for Dutchy to remedy that situation.

Follow Matt on the twitter – @Matt9Duchene

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  1. Automatic giggles. He’s the life of your next frat party, aces at flip cup and definitely responsible for whichever girl’s underwear are floating in the pool.

  2. He is also totally that guy with the full size light-up lightsaber and Darth Vader helmet with voice modulator.

    • Wait, I married that guy. (Not really. But close.)

  3. “Who are you wearing?” “Uh, not sure. My mom bought this for me.”

    They all say this! It’s what makes any sort of hockey red carpet AWKMAZING.

  4. ABC Reply

    How can you not love a guy who dresses like this on the plane

    and loves fishing anywhere.

    I’d love to see the Duchene-O’Reilly-Landeskog but sadly Downie seems to have taken Duchene’s place on that line.

    • Oh weird – he looks EXACTLY like my friend’s brother in that picture. This means nothing to anyone but me, but I still felt like it needed saying 😛

  5. Deanna Reply

    He is far too adorable



    • He is a man of great confidence.
      And the best sense of humor.