Intern Jeff Skinner gets graphic.

Because Pants asked for it….

Original artwork by Chuck

You likes?

I loves.

I took some creative liberties but I really hope that Intern Jeff Skinner love it too.


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  1. Wait, can I buy this?!?!

    • We should sell them in the WUYS Store. Think we can create one on cafe press.

      • Can I request 7 of them, then? One for each day of the week.

  2. Holli Reply

    Omi! {oh my intern} this is spot on. We need t-shirts, buttons, koozies 🙂

  3. Veronica Reply

    I need a big shipment here in Raleigh so I can sell them in the parking lot after the Canes games…I think Jeff needs to wear one when he gives intermission interviews too…it wouldn’t hurt him either to give a shout out to WUYS during these things either…yeesh!

    In other news, you may not be able to contain him now at the WUYS offices…Jeff was just awarded the Triangle Sportsperson of the year in a ceremony at the RBC Center tonight. He might ask for a raise now or some more time off!