Free parking at our office!

I like to think that if your car breaks down in Canada, you take it to a place like this.  Stamkos, Eberle, Phaneuf and Spezza in the new commercial Nike “Clutch” truck commercial.

Oh, Eberle.  Checking himself out in the hubcap.


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  1. Lord help me, I found Stamkos kind of hot in that commercial…hair and all

    • GET ON THE BANDWAGON, DEB!! (I’m kinda lonely on this wagon these days. Even Gator has left me for iCarly.)

  2. We need more commercials like this, down here in the good ol US of A!! So that we can also have the hope of one day having Mr Hotness (aka Stammer) and his sidekicks rescuing us on the side of the road with a flat tire.

  3. Deanna Reply

    My favorite parts were Jordan’s ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ style table slide and the fact that they made absolutely no attempt to cover Spezza’s shiner. Well done, Nike. Well done.

    • I’m telling you now, that Jordan Eberle is going to earn himself a Foxy Friday one of these days.

  4. Jason Spezza looks like everyone’s husband ever. And the shiner? Totally works for me. That, and we was super adorable at the ASG. Oh and I remember reading somewhere that he took Intern Jeff Skinner under his wing at last year’s IIHF tourney…

    • Spider98 Reply

      So my kids and I may or may not have just watched this 10 times.

      My six-year-old likes the music.

      My four-year-old likes the truck.

      And I like…yeah.

      And you so need to make Eberle a Foxy Friday. Frankenhall doesn’t quite cut it as a shout-out to my Oilers.

  5. YES STEVEN STAMKOS. <3 Also, I'm pretty sure Jason's black eye is what makes him attractive. I should probably do something about this hockey player obsession… but at least I'm pretty sure I'm on the right blog for it. 😀