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Mike Green addressed the media today, after this third consecutive day of skating. [video]  This video is Fidget-tastic and Mike’s hair is crazy.

He says he’s “on the right path” and hopes to be back before the projected 4-6 week  recovery timeline.  As much as this excites us, please don’t rush it.  It seems like everyone’s out, then back, then out again this season.  They stop by the ice like they’re going to the grocery store.

Of course, don’t take too long.  The Caps are currently 9th in the East and people are freaking out.  If they can get settled, I believe they can not only make the playoffs, but be a strong contender.  Mike and Ovi need to be factors in that – though neither has offered any consistency in recent memory.  But Ovi’s suspension is over and Mike’s sports hernia surgery was two weeks ago.

Here’s hoping.

Now, the Caps need baby steps.  Concentrate on being first in the Southeast Division, that’ll get them in the playoff door.  Luckily, the Southeast is by far the East’s weakest division and currently the Caps are only 1 point behind Florida for the lead.  Washington has 32 games left, and 28 of those are against Eastern Conference opponents. It’s showtime.

In bad news, Coach Hunter admitted earlier in the week that Nick Backstrom didn’t skate at all over the All-Star Break [link].  A while back it was reported that he’s not even attending home games, but watching them from his house.  Nicky has a history of migraines, so that may be the culprit.  Either way, the return of the Caps’ most consistent player looks farther away every day.

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  1. Kitkat Reply

    Once Mike and Nicky can commence their bromance ON THE ICE all will be right in the hockey universe

  2. Oh how I missed that man, but good lord, boy, stand still for 10 seconds! I need Dramamine just to watch you bop back and forth doing the Fidget Shuffle (not nearly as entertaining, or crowd pleasing,by the way, as the Kaner Shuffle)
    Please come back soon, Greenie…and try not to be an Injury Ninja anymore