Why Drew, No shirt? No Shoes? ah ... but you will get service - eh?!

So if Shanna-hammer works for the NHL … the CBJ’s think, no they KNOW God works for the LA King’s because HEstopped time last night so Drew Doughty could make the below posted game winner-winner donut dinner last night!

That is the only explanation I can come up with but evidently the NHL is trying to come up with another one like, say, some one cheated and actually physically STOPPED the clocked for one second. Puppet please. Ask Mike Babcock. Only God could stop a clock for exactly one second and whisper softly in Drew’s ear and say, “Go donut, go!”

But they reviewed the goal in the war room and called it good so I’m not really sure what the who-ha still is. hahaha – I said war room. Seriously. WAR ROOM. Does any one else laugh about that? I envision a version of Air Plane with Lloyd Bridges, Leslie Nielsen, and George C. Scott with huge cigars, several giant bottles of empty Jack Daniels and then spinning one of them around on yes or no or maybe. Which ever it lands on, they pick the best of two.

I say it's a good goal


goaltender interference


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  1. MelTing Reply

    I love your caption, I wondered if you had seen the shirtless/naked/shoeless/whatever interview, but Dawn — you never let me down. Well, as a paranoid Canucks fan, I know all about NHL conspiracies, but surely people can’t believe that someone is coordinated enough to stop and start a clock for 1 second in the hopes that the Kings might score? It is to laugh. And stop calling me Shirley.

  2. The caption… because whether or not he works out is questionable. Hence “winner winner donut dinner.”

    Dawn, I love you so.

  3. Dawncherrie Reply

    Drew does work out – just like me. Lifting a box of Krispy Kremes is hard work. But get the to a tanning both – wait. I’ll volunteer for the self-tanner job! 😉