This is Your Captain Speaking

Yesterday, Kitkat wanted evidence of Mike Green driving his VW Bus.  In his glasses, no less.  Safety first!

I brake for Backstroms.

It’s like a week worth of Mikey Mondays so far.  When I see a VW bus, I think of Little Miss Sunshine and start yelling “No one gets left behind!” and chasing after it’s running start.  I have no credit for this photo, so thanks to whoever posted it!


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  1. Kitkat Reply

    Dang…. ask and ye shall receive- nice work ladies!!!! I’m seriously impressed…. now who do I see about acquiring a magic unicorn?

  2. Gator and I once had a conversation about whether Nicky was a sparkly unicorn or more of just an adorable pony. This happened out loud and at work. No shame.

    • Kitkat Reply

      Hmmm… that’s a tough one, I would say sparkly unicorn with a rainbow tail.

  3. Indie Mike drove VW vans before it was cool.

  4. ABC Reply

    When he posted the pic of his buddy with the VW bus I was hoping they came across it in a parking lot and just took a pic. Mike is such special fruitcake.

    I think the girl posting some pics of Mike on tumblr is taking those pics from Mike’s instagram account. She said that pic of Mike and Nicky with the photo strips was from instagram. Sadly, that girl you don’t want mentioned has protected her account now so that will make it harder for people to get the pics for tumblr.

  5. Upon reading this post this morning, my friend sent me the following text:

    “Baller hockey players driving shitty VW vans gives me the same rage as Kate Middleton doing her own grocery shopping.”