When they show a hockey player…DRINK!

All-Star Weekend is our 2nd favorite time of the year here at WUYS (behind the awkberg assemblage that is the NHL Awards) and since Pants is off on her honeymoon getting all tan, hanging with monkeys, drinking umbrella drinks and being all in lurve, it’s going to be really lonely around here this weekend.

So to brighten my spirits and entertain myself for the next few days,  I’ve devised a little All-Star Weekend Drinking Game.

Because, really nothing says “fun” like hockey, hockey players, and a little booze.

Just ask Patrick Kane.  Or Brad Marchand.  Or Tyler Seguin.

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The All-Star Weekend Drinking Game
(suitable for all events – Fantasy Draft, Skills Competition, & the game itself)

  • When they show a player laughing…drink.
  • When they show a player taking a photo/video…drink
  • When they cut to Phil Kessel…drink.
  • When they show the Sedin Twins…drink.
  • When the last player is selected…throw your hands up in the air.  Then drink.
  • When they mention a player out “due to injury”…make a sad face.  Then drink.
  • When a player goes to block a shot…scream “SACRIFICE YOUR BODY!”
  • When Kris Letang goes to block a shot…scream “NOT THE FACE!”
  • If they get hurt…finish the bottle.
  • When they show any hockey bromance…say “Awwwww”. Then drink.
  • When they show a player with beautiful hockey flow…whip your hair back and forth.  Then drink.
  • When someone falls down during the Fastest Skater competition…drink.
  • If its a goalie…drink twice.
  • When someone passes the 100mph mark during the Hardest Shot competition…drink.
  • When someone goes 4 for 4 on the Accuracy competition…drink.
  • When someone does something crazy during the Elimination Shootout…drink.

I have a feeling I’m going to get really drunk this weekend…

So, WUYSers, what other rules would you add to your ASG Drinking Game?

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  1. When Scott Hartnell has a #hartnelldown…Drink. If he has a #hartnelldown while scoring a goal…chug

  2. If Sidney Crosby gets mentioned… Drink.

    Actually, that’s every hockey game.