We love Cabbie

How have I never seen this before?   My favorite is Getzlaf – he cannot get a single word out.  Even Crosby’s getting sassy.

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  1. This is my all time favorite Cabbie video. Getzlaf is a child, Nash insists his knob is clean, George plays with the furry knob…and Perry admits his is little. Commie and Parros are champs. Intern Jeff Skinner’s short shifts video is a close second to this.

  2. My favourite Cabbie video is the Hockey Players and Yoga segment. I will never recover from Joe Thornton telling Cabbie about his Lulu Lemon yoga underwear and Jonathan Toews stammering when admitting he’s checked a girl out during yoga. Priceless.

    • Pants - stupid mobile site! Reply

      By ‘a girl’ he meant Kaner, of course.

  3. I love how Crosby just goes with it in this one. Cabbie is hilarious. I wish he did ALL hockey related interviews for every network.

  4. There are hours of hilarity between Cabbie’s videos and Gerry D the Sports Reporter. If you haven’t seen them all yet, take a little bit and YouTube both of them. I PROMISE you will laugh the WHOLE TIME!!!