Taylor Hall should listen to his mom.

Attention hockey players,

Behold reason 2,369,067 to wear a helmet.

Warning! Warning!  This may make you queasy.

Taylor Frankenhall


You are begging….nay –  PLEADING with you all.  Please, for the love of Dear Lord Baby Jesus and Tim Tebow – wear your freakin’ helmets!  We don’t care that it is just warm-up.  We don’t care that it might mess up your luxurious hockey flow.

Do you want this to happen to you?  Do you want to have railroad tracks on your melon?

No.  I didn’t think so.

We just can’t take injuries like this.  When you hurt, we hurt.

So, please listen to your mother.  Wear your helmet.

Taylor didn’t listen to his mom.

Look at how that turned out.

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  1. Definitely gnarly looking. The video of it happening is hard to watch.

  2. Ezra Reply

    Gnar! That looks like the Oregon Trail!

    • I really hope he doesn’t die of dysentery.

      That would suck.

  3. Lorelei6903 Reply

    I feel so bad for this poor baby! My hubby said he’d have an awesome hockey scar, but I’d probably be making an appt. with a plastic surgeon. Must. Wear. Helmets at all times!!!

  4. Once he’s healed, I volunteer to smack him up side the head for not wearing his helmet.
    That’s what he gets.
    He’s SO lucky that all he got to his eye was a big black eye…

  5. HOLY SHIT! I didn’t see this until he just popped up talking on NHL Network. That is horrendous!

    Meanwhile, this is about the ONLY injury Mike Green hasn’t had and there’s no way he’s wearing a helmet in warmup. Not over that hair. I mean, if he ever plays.

    • Great. Now you’ve done gone and jinxed Mike Green.

      Next up on the MG injury list – facial laceration.


  6. Loralee Reply


    I am trying to implement a helmet safety campaign at Utah Valley University, and I was wondering if I could use the image. “Taylor Hall should listen to his mom”

    Please let me know if I can!

    Thank you,