Mikey Monday: Classic

Word on the street is Mike Green may be back in the Caps lineup next week [link].  That could put him on the ice vs. Pittsburgh (Jan 11) and Tampa Bay (Jan 13).  Gator is out of town and I need a date for both games – no, Mike doesn’t count.  Not if he’s playing.  Anyone?

I’m watching last year’s Winter Classic on TV right now, torturing myself with the outcome and every time they say Crosby, Letang or Green.  Later today I might re-watch 24/7 and eat a whole gallon of ice cream.  The only thing that could possibly cheer me up?

Via email, sorry I don't have a photo credit.

This picture of Mike taken at Kettler practice last week.  HE IS WEARING THE BELT.  This might even be the same outfit.  And so all is right with the world, and thanks for the memories.

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  1. Misty Reply

    Was able to go to the Buffalo game Friday…it was great to be there for a win! The only thing better would have been to see Mikey play. Here’s hoping to I can make it to another this year after he returns. I also spent the weekend with last year’s 24/7. Time completely well spent…

  2. Scarlett Reply

    Watching the Winter Classic this year is killing me. All I can think about is how everything was right with the world this time last year, before the hockey gods got mad and started turning people’s heads to soup. : ( boo hooo

    • I bought 24/7 on DVD (FINALLY available in Canada!) and I can’t bring myself to watch the fourth episode. Knowing what happens to Sid…plus my husband can’t stop saying things like “He’s done forever” and I keep threatening divorce. It’s really just better if I ignore the fourth episode altogether.