Chuck's Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve!  Rudolph had the night off to carbo load but the Boston Bruins scored one goal for each of Santa’s other reindeer.  That’s right, the Bruins scored 8 goals.  The Panthers scored zero.  I know Chuck would want you to see this:

I cannot recall a prettier goal this season.  Marchand had a hat trick and 5 points. “Ho Ho Ho!” There was some sick passing going on last night.

There was also at least one sick wardrobe choice.  Instead of Ugly Christmas Sweaters, Marchand hosted his own “What the Hell is that Shirt?!” night.  Unsurprisingly, he won.

You know Seguin threatened to break up with him over this.

The Bruins love a hot streak.  They’ve won their last six, and that’s not their longest of the season.  They are currently #2 overall in the League, just one point behind Chicago.  For post-game interview, we recommend The Professor because Chuck LOVES him.  [link]

Bergy had 1 G/2 A.  According to Chuck, he does everything right.  Cassy agrees.  The rest of us certainly can’t see anything wrong.

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  1. Cassy Reply

    Cassy TOTES agrees with that statement about the Professor. One of the few men who makes me go weak at the knees.

    Bruins win = HAPPY CASSY!

  2. Best. Christmas. Evah.

    Bruins put on a show. Granted Panthers had played in Ottawa the night before and might have been a little tired, but the Bs were all over them. Like Santa on milk and cookies. They were unstoppable. Brad Marchand aka “Little Ball of Hate” is a talented kid.

    I highly encourage everyone to watch the Bs play sometime. They are solid. As a rock.