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So… last night the Pens’ Deryk Engelland mowed down Chicago’s Marcus Kruger with a questionably high hit.

Personally, I’m going with SHANABANNED for this one.  Eggo does sort of leave his feet and he’s definitely above shoulder height.  Kruger’s head is down, but it goes down and stay down before Eggo lines him up. Engelland could  and should have avoided this hit.

Eggo was not penalized on the ice, so the Hawks’  John Scott put on his stripes and fought him.  And, well… according to, Scott is undefeated in 19 regular season NHL fights over 3+ years.  He did not disappoint.

Scott received a 2 min instigating minor, a fighting major and a 10 minute misconduct.  Engelland got 5 for taking a  beating.  On the resulting Penguins power play, Chris Kunitz scored his 12th goal of the season.  It was the first of Malkin’s three helpers on the night and what a beauty.

Kruger took a few shifts after the hit, and came back out for the second period but did not play.  He will be re-evaulated today.  If the Hawks a) let him stay on the ice and b) let him come back out, I don’t see they were very worried about it in real time.  Symptoms are not always immediate, of course.  But what about the quiet room and all that?  I say Kruger should have gone right away.  Not that it bears on the penalties or possible suspensions assessed, but I thought we were being more careful that this.

What do you think?  Disco Dan says “It was a full body check.” [link]  I bet Shanahan will lock him up for a game or two, but so far no word from the NHL on a visit to the Principal’s Office.

Udpate: Haven’t seen it officially from the Blackhawks, but Kruger is apparently concussed and out tonight:

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  1. I was there I was there I WAS THEREEEEEE.

    I actually thought Kruger was at fault, but who knows. It was a great fight so I’m not really arguing (although definitely unnecessary roughness on Scott’s end). Engo always knows how to work a busted eyebrow. :]

    • Finally watched the television version (I guess you could say) of the hit.
      Yeah, sorry Engo, but could have been avoided.

  2. Lorelei6903 Reply

    I had a meltdown when Tanger got hit by Pacioretty and I was screaming FIVE games, but I think the three he got was fair. But I agree with you, it should have been an avoided head shot, and it sure looked like he came off his feet. Engo will have to answer for that. It has to be fair across the board even if it is one of the Pens. The rules have to apply to every player and each team:)

  3. Ez Reply

    I thought it was a cheap hit and totally avoidable. Hell, that was boarding as far as I’m concerned. Deryk can join the ranks of Penguins goons like Ulf Samuelsson for that one.

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