Mikey Monday: Puppy Love

If someone finds my lifeless body later today, no need for an investigation.

Cause of death: Mike Green with this dog.

Mike and Piggy.

Why is this picture killing me so much?  Why do I love a shirt that’s kind of ugly and doesn’t even really match his pants?  Who has bacon behind the camera, because the dog is ready to bolt?  These questions I’ll have to answer from the Great Beyond.

The Capitals Canine Calendar is out, featuring players and their pets or shelter pups from the Washington Animal Rescue League.  You can see all the pics here [link] and buy calendars at Kettler IcePlex or on the 100 level of Verizon Center during December games.  Prepare to swoon.

Troy brought his own dogs to the shoot.

Neuvy and Hagrid's dog, Fang.

Nicky is scared of dogs, so they brought a puppy just for him! And I thought Nicky was the puppy the Caps brought just for us.

Take me home tonight...

Karl, always charming everyone.

And just to make sure I’m not alone in the afterlife, you can bury Gator right next to me.


Sorry, I digressed!  Can you blame a girl?  Mike was back on the Twitter this weekend – without revealing where he was going (or why, since the Caps were home and he was practicing), he dropped this gem of practical wisdom.  Some might say “Wear socks in the middle of winter,” but they don’t know how warm moccasins can be.

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  1. Troy Brouwer’s two dogs: “Squirrel!”

  2. Kitkat Reply

    You ladies just made Monday bearable….

  3. Lorelei6903 Reply

    Don’t tell Nisky, but Neuvy rocks my world!!! So freakn’ cute!!!

  4. That shirt is not “kinda ugly”. It is all kinds of ugly. Sort of looks like what Freddy Kruger would wear….

    BTW – Mike’s dog’s name is Piggy.

    I approve of Carlson’s sweater 1000%.

    Blue Jackets had a canine calendar shoot recently. Every month would be the one with Nash and this little guy…

    • Sadly, not really Mike’s dog. Even though I volunteered to dog-sit.

  5. Deanna Reply

    iCarly is killing me with that sweater and that dog…

  6. It’s times like this that I wish I had an office somewhere to hang a calendar. Between this and the Pens and Jackets’ calendars, I better have a WHOLE LOT going on in 2012 to warrant so many puppies (and drool-worthy hockey players) hanging at various points in my house.

    Also, can we focus on where Mike’s hand is resting on his thigh? CAN I BE THAT HAND!?!

    You never let me down, Pants!