Note to Earth: This is the ONLY van I’d ever get into with a stranger.

We don’t even need to write this blog, Mike Green’s gonna do it all for us.

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  1. Cassy Reply

    He did NOT just say shagwagon…

  2. Cya Reply

    He must be an Austin Powers fan. Who says Shag anymore?

  3. Alli Reply

    HOLY SH*T! Believe it or not I know of 2 people with VW busses. I knew Mike & I were meant to be. (Just don’t tell my husband where I am when I go missing at the end of the season… and just like that, a Caps Cup Win isn’t the most exciting thing that could ever remotely happen to me;)

  4. Birdie Reply

    Pooh Bear has been quite the little tweeter the last last. Your the boss, apple sauce!