Keep Your Chin Up

I want the Tampa Bay Lightning to play better, because they are such a happy crew.  Behind-the-scenes from the Tampa Bay Magazine cover story:

Easy, breezy, beautiful. Now cut your hair.

And there’s adorable video too [link].

Spin like a ballerina!

The Bolts are 11-13-2, while the cross-state Panthers are killing it and leading the division.  That’s right, I said the PANTHERS.  Remember when Rob Niedermayer played for them?


Stammer has 16 G/13 A, which puts him near the top in goals and points.

Lean back.

But they’re struggling to put together wins.  The Lightning have dropped 9 of 15 games, including the last 4 in a row.

Squishy is a distinguished gentleman.

They play tonight against a team with a worse record – the Islanders.  It would be nice to get a running start into tough road games against the Rangers and Flyers later this week.

Everybody loves Steven.

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  1. OHMYGODSQUISHY. He is a beautiful, beautiful man.

    • He is the tiniest man alive. 5’5″… 5’6″ TOPS.

      • No worries. I am the tiniest woman. 5’4″. Also, Hockey DB says Squishy is 5’8″. Take that, Jess.

  2. Cassy Reply

    Does nobody else see the resemblance to the cops in Bay City here? Anyone? Starsky and Hutch? No one? Stammer is Hutch and all the others wanna be Starsky 😀

  3. I can’t deal with Stammer and the long hair anymore. I just can’t do it…

  4. Deanna Reply

    Vinny and Squishy are so god damn attractive, and I’m even strangely attracted to Malone. BUT Stammer needs to get rid of that hair already. If she has a girlfriend, she needs to cut it in his sleep. If he doesn’t have one, I volunteer myself for the job.

    • Deanna Reply

      Excuse me, if HE has a girlfriend. Unintentional jab at the long hair.

  5. Sorry, but either Stamkos’ eyes are too close together or his face is too wide. I just don’t find him attractive at all.

    Squishy, on the other hand, IS a distinguished gentleman. A sexy, sexy distinguished gentleman.

    • Stammer’s eyes are too close together. That the problem. St. Louis’ eyes are just perfect…or at least they were…

  6. Is it just me, or does Stamkos remind anyone else of Sean Penn as Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High? “Mr. Hand”? Especially the one with the cool-guy shades.

    • Lorri(Lorelei6903) Reply

      Yesss! LOL I was thinking the exact same thing! A young Sean Penn:D