Letang Out for Tonight

So Max got three games for his ‘Hamlet 2’ to Letang’s face . Fair or not, I equate to getting a traffic ticket in the mail when there’s no posted signs. Letang see-saws saying he thinks the three games is fair – having been -Shanna-hammered in the past – but doesn’t think Max is a dirty player. What a diplomat.

no matter how you add this up it equals = OUCH!

On the Pen’s website they even talk about how perfect Tanger’s hair is with his broken nose. In photos, he doesn’t even have that nasty black and blue drainage to make him look like a sad panda. He probably iced that bad boy and elevated it stat after scoring the game winner. “Outta my way, Disney Prince has a bleeder!” He says he has problems breathing which is one of the reason’s he’s sidelined for tonight which makes my hockey viewing choices easier – Caps debut with new coach – might be interesting.

from today's practice

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  1. “Outta my way, Disney Prince has a bleeder!”
    You win the Internet today, Dawn.

  2. Gator and I will be there to report on Thursday’s Penguins/Capitals game, as always.

  3. Cassy Reply

    He so PRETTY. Those broken noses do cause you breathing issues at the beginning, what with all the blood and stuff blocking things up. Poor baby.

    I volunteer my nursing skills! Trained and qualified here!

    • Scarlett Reply

      What I lack in skill I’d make up for in exuberance

  4. Just want to say CONGRATS on 300,000 hits to my favorite girls of the blogosphere. Keep it up, Pants, Chuck, and Dawn! You are the BEST!

  5. Dawncherrie Reply

    Hey Thanks! Who would have thought! 🙂