Oh No, Not The Face!

So of all the hockey channels I do get, I don’t get the NHL. I KNOW! So when the CBC switched over to the second coming of St. Sid and the Penns at 4:38 against Ottawa, I told Mr. Cherrie to get his half rack out because we have a new drinking game. Every time some one mentions Sidney Crosby, you have to drink. You should try it, it’s AWESOME! And since it was his return to Canada, I was bummed that we only got to see that last 4:38 – OR SO I THOUGHT!

Because about another 2 minutes in, Max Pacioretty’s smacked my beautiful Kris Letang in the face and all time stood still. It was just like in the movies, all three of my cats scattered in slow motion, I flew up from the floor, defying gravity, a silent scream let loose at decibel levels heard only by crows, cats and dogs escaped my lips, Mr. Cherrie’s beer bottle cracked, and there was blood everywhere on our 36″ TV screen. “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not his beautiful face. Not the nose!” I gasped in complete horror. Not that perfect, beautiful nose.

But the hockey gods would have it that way. Letang would flounder on the ice in a pool of blood. But he wasn’t done. Because he is just that perfect. I paced back and forth waiting for those idiots to give an update but evidently St. Sid is more important than an update on Letang’s perfect, beautiful face because he returned, unannounced in OT to score the winning goal. That is, after a trainer stuck a pin in it and sent him back out. OUCH!

Yes, you heard me, THE WINNING GOAL. Letang, with a broken nose, comes back and scores the game winner in OT.

But he did mention that he will make sure it gets back to perfect because he wants to model after his hockey career. A man has to have his priorities.

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  1. Cassy Reply

    I’ve been waiting for this all day. From you. Appropriate Dawn reaction. I had the game live but went to bed (5 hr time difference people!) Then roomie distracted me from this.

    Has Pacioretty (who should know better about cheap shots of both verbal and physical varieties) been Shanabanned yet? And KUDOS KRIS! Game winner yeah!

    [sees end. Spots bit about modelling. Sputters. Coughs]

    *Folds hands in prayer* Please, god, let him model underwear for Calvin Klein. Or his own line. Just underwear.

  2. Dawncherrie Reply

    yeah … it put me beind at work but it was worth it! LOL! Max did have a hearing about it but honestly, if it wasn’t called on the ice, I don’t think there should be a hearing. Shannahammer is OOC. He needs to let them play. Letang took the hit like a man. It’s hockey. Tanger’s had his own Shannahammer-o-rammer-dammers too. 😉

  3. I was out at a bar with my sister and I thought I was going to start crying right there. Or vomit. Or both. I think I might have been hysterical because I didn’t move or make a sound for like 2 solid minutes. Then when he came back out on the ice I almost flipped the table over, and when he scored that goal I pretty much burned down the entire bar. Or shouted. I don’t know, I get those two mixed up all of the time.

    BTW Max got three games. The unbiased hockey fan in me thinks that’s harsh, but the Letang fan in me thinks that’s hardly enough for jeopardizing his future modeling career.

  4. Dawncherrie Reply

    I was looking for the update to add so thanks! I do think it’s harsh since it’s sort of like getting a traffic ticket in the mail but that’s water under the bridge. Tanger’s a man hopefully he’ll be OK – oh god I hope so. Looking for photos. Will let you know. He mights sort of look hot. We’ll see!