Birthday Boy: Nick Backstrom


Thank you to @thisisourjamdc for reminding the zombies here at WUYS that today is the 24th birthday of our favorite Swede, Piglet Nicklas Backstrom.

We worked till 2:30 AM, were up for work at 5:30 AM.  We both travel at the crack of dawn tomorrow.  This is the only reason Gator and I are not going to Nicky’s Birthday Party tonight against Winnipeg.  We are sad to miss this:

Nicky did send us his wish list.  If you’re shopping for presents, here are Nicky’s Most Wanted:

1. Hugs

Bonus points if Mikey is involved.

Minus points if Ovi is involved.

2. Toys

White socks in the red laundry... just let us do it for you.

3. Winter Wear

Very popular in Sweden.

4. Hair Product

Only kidding, he has plenty!

… and anything else you can think of that matches his team-leading 16 assists and 22 points.  The Caps finally won a game on Monday and while things still look like The Hangover (the tiger is totally in Mike’s bathroom), perhaps Nicky’s birthday magic can make it two in a row.

The next major holiday is Christmas.  I’m writing a letter that specifically asks for more of this:

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  1. Cassy Reply

    I would just like to point out that in that last pic heis totally LEANING.

    Does Mr Pants know!?

    • HA! That’s Gator behind the camera, she was armed just in case.

  2. Cassy Reply

    Armed with what? Restraints for Nicky or you? I’m amazed security let you get that close…. Hahahahaha

    Mind you can you imagine what would happen if that was Brooks instead of Nicky and that was me instead of you…?

  3. I can give Nicky enough hugs to last him until his next birthday!
    Happy Birthday Nicky!!!
    He is just too cute to hold the Pens-Caps rivalry angst against.