Free Mustache Rides for Movember

Since Ovi is obligated to shave with his Gillette contract –  he’s out. Plus he’s in dire need of a hug.

don't worry Ovi, we all have those days

And Kris Letang has been shaving which is a total shame because I sometimes like the wolverine look – but I can wait for the playoffs because that look can get old really fast.

with or without, it don't matter

So that leaves my only other honey which is fine because he’s totally rockin’ the 70’s prono look just fine – brown-chicken-brown-cow.

oh yes, i'd ride that

or this into the sunset

yippee kiya cowboy!

But there’s still time for the rest of us to take the challenge as I pointed out last year! 😉

they all took the challenge - that's why they're smiling!

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  1. I know it’s for a good cause, but I am grateful Letang did not grow a mustache for a month. A one-month mustache on that guy would be insane and terrifying. He’d get arrested just walking down the street because he would look so creepy.

  2. MelTing Reply

    Weeeeellll, I favour the clean-shaven in my personal life. But it’s been so long since I’ve seen Doughty clean-shaven, I can’t even imagine what he might look like. And I’m sure he’ll have time to give rides once he’s been Shanabanned.

  3. Cassy Reply

    But I thought Mike Green was Sad Panda?


  4. Dawncherrie Reply

    Drewby only got a fine thank god! I wrote this while watching the game but finished before the game was over! BTW _ i totally agree with Letang but I would kind like to see him with a stache just for fun.