For. The. Win.

Between this weekend and the Hunger Games trailer [link] I am seriously dying over here.  Then Brittany sends us this gem!  Remember the Friday post where you were all jealous she got to meet Rick Nash?  You don’t even know.

Is that scruff?  Is that almost a mustache, Crosby?  Because we have had this talk before.  And don’t think your untucked shirt is going to distract us enough not to mention it.  Okay, it is.  Or just the sight of you in general.  We surrender.

So Brittany got to meet everyone and all I did was see red pandas at the zoo with Chuck & Gator!  Way to show us up, B.  You can read all about her evening at the Evgeni Malkin Team Lokomotiv Benefit here [link], if you make it past the photos.  (It took us a few tries.)

She looks pretty composed, eh?  We would be all:


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  1. What in sam hell?!?! Brittany, I want your life!!!!

    • I have gotten EXTREMELY lucky this hockey season. I blame it ALL on Twitter. The greatest thing since 1987.

      See what I did there? 😉 haha

  2. Scarlett Reply

    I was looking at the pictures but then got distracted by that thing on James’ head. Is he a chimney sweep?

    • NEWSIES!!! It’s killing me.

  3. Cassy Reply

    Sorry y’all, but can I, like, move to wherever Brittany lives and be her roommate ? B? Would that be ok? And how could you resist not mauling the Cros? How??

    So it looks like the caterpillar with mange is back then. I will give $50 to the person who removes it. Seriously. NO SID NO!

    • Yes! Move to Cincinnati! I have no hockey friends here…so I do some serious stalking (I mean traveling) to find these guys!

      …and it was tough. I thought I was dying.

  4. Why is it that any post with Sidney Crosby reduces my brain to mush and I can’t think of anything witty to say?

    Oh yeah, because he’s Sidney Crosby.