The Nashstache

Movember claims another victim.  Chuck’s not going to be happy with me.

But I didn’t make Rick Nash do this.  The camo jersey… since it’s a tribute to Veteran’s Day we’ll declare it okay for the day.  It’s the stache.   Ricky looks like he’s wondering just how much barbed wire he needs to keep you Pinko-Commie-Liberals out of that bunker he dug in the holler.

Maybe it’s better without the camo, right?  WRONG.  See how scared Tazer looks?  He’s signalling you with his eyes – “Help me.  Yes, you.”  Even though in this photo Rick looks more fit to sing ’50s rock about whitewall tires and rollerskating diner waitresses.

A reminder from very lucky WUYS friend Brittany (@blettany) of what Rick Nash usually looks like:

You are SO jealous.

We love Thanksgiving and fall and buying winter coats, but we’re now officially ready for November to be over.  Dear Santa, please bring us anything you want as long as it is clean-shaven or has a full beard.  We promise to be very good (until the All Star break).

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  1. mele Reply

    New to the site…love love love it. Feeling the opposite of love love love for the Nashstache. I felt gutted when I saw it a few days ago. I even made my daughter come out of her room in order to look at before and after photos. (She grimaced. Atta girl.) I knew Nash’s beard had a delightful effect on me but I had no idea it was a MAGIC beard. Egads.

  2. Oh, no. No, no, no. It just doesn’t work. I never thought he’d be Unattractive, but put the porn stache on him and stick him next to Taxed and well?

    I will wait for you, Rick. You’ve been patient with Columbus, so it’s the least I can do.

    By the way, I feel like I just got inducted into the WUYS Hall of Fame. Nothing can top this.

    • …and autocorrect thinks Tazer is Taxed.

      • I think in this instance, autocorrect is spot-on.

        And you’re a total HOFer for not getting arrested during the taking of that photo. 😉

  3. It’s hard to tell in that photo, but Tazer is also participating in No-Shave November as well. Small blessings that he can’t ACTUALLY grow a moustache, but he really needs to take care of whatever is happening at the back of his neck.

    Of course… OF COURSE Movember happens when I have paid painfully unnecessary amounts of money to see him twice in one week. Seriously Jonny, shave for next Saturday’s game in Edmonton? Pretty please?

  4. Scarlett Reply

    lumberjack look = YES!!!!

    awful pornstach= NO!!!

  5. Cassy Reply

    Dear Rick Nash, please grow your beard back. Your current look is somewhere between Porno and Village People. Neither is good.

    Please and thank you.