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JamesNeal.com here, reporting for duty.  James has been stuck at 9 goals for a while – Kessel Cartman has 11 and Stamkos has 10.  Do you think Steven chirps James about passing him in the stats?  What if they did it on Twitter?  We would die, that’s what.

Nealer has 14 points in 15 games, and we love every one of them.  (Stammer was 15 in 14, showoff.)  We also love that James is participating in Movember:

from mattniskanen.tumblr.com

He’s trying to make up for cutting his hair.  It’s okay, you’re forgiven.

If you were wondering what James wore for Halloween, he went as Ryan Kesler.  Right?  Feel free to recreate the ESPN Magazine “Body” Issue shot while you’re at it!  (Really, I have no idea what this is from.  Anyone?)

As always, we remain grateful for those not participating in Movember.  Not everyone can pull of the ‘stache… hey, not everyone can even grow one.  But we enjoy your hair too, Jordan.

And if you’re saving us a seat, I think we know where you can squeeze us in.

The Penguins don’t have a game till Friday, but we think there should be points available for things like this.  At least assists, right?  A third column to be used for tie-breakers, like shootout wins?  Then Stammer & Nealer could compete for who does more workout videos and we would all win.

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  1. Nealmobile looks like a extra from Dazed & Confused with that fu-manchu. All he needs is a paddle and is all set to wear bell bottoms and ride around with Ben Affleck and Cole Hauser looking for freshman.

  2. That med ball he’s holding looks rather “normal” sized when he’s holding it. We use those during lifting. They’re actually quite massive. As in, when we have to throw them in the air, they look like meteors falling back down towards you.

    Point being, James Neal will save us from the end of the world.

  3. Sarah Reply

    Jamesneal.com makes my day! Thank You!