Mikey Monday: Missing Mo

Somewhere, Mike needs a hug.  He twisted his right ankle during his 2 goal, 4 point night vs. Detroit and hasn’t played since.  No word if he’ll play tomorrow vs. Dallas.

Of course we miss seeing Mike on the ice for his skills.  But we’re also missing quality unshaven Movember time.  Normally we offer to donate money for Mike NOT to grow a mustache – with good reason:

But right now, we’d take it just to have him back.  May we suggest alternatives for December, January… heck, every month?  We’ll keep donating, promise!

Glasses Every Day December

Winter Scarf-a-Thon


Suggestions welcome – we can make a calendar and raise even more money.  And please come back, Mike, we’re obviously going a little crazy without you.

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  1. Veronica Reply

    I sent you guys an email with 2 pics I took of Mike at the Canes/Caps game Friday. Did you get them or is Intern Jeff Skinner slow on opening emails? My seats are right below the press box so I had an awesome view of Mike the entire game!

    • Thank you! Proof that Movember is alive and well, just waiting for Mike to come back. Looks like a goatee, which is 2.5 billion times better than a mustache!

  2. March Mocassin Madness!


    PS – Movember makes my eyes so sad. Although, I think Mikey might be one of the only one who can get away with unnecessary facial hair. Also on this list, Patrick Sharp (aka the Jon Hamm of Hockey) whose 7 o’clock shadow is a thing of sheer beauty.

    PPS – Always glasses Mikey, always. I’m not super up on my Caps roster… who’s behind him in that pic? He looks like a blurry Henry Cavill.

    • That’s Tom Poti behind MG52. He’s aged well.

  3. Winter Scarf-a-thon should also carry over into Ascot April.