Hi, I'm Tyler Seguin and I'm a boss.

Yes, you are, Tyler Seguin.  

Yes. You. Are.

TS19 scored his first career hat trick in the Bruins 7-o rout of Cartman Phil Kessel and the Maple Leafs and it was glorious.

Goal # 1One-timer from the left circle.  Great cross ice pass from Peverley and Seguin SNIPES it. 

Goal #2 – Truly thing of beauty.  After making a mistake in the offensive zone, Seguin doesn’t panic.  Comes back into the neutral zone.  Makes a smart play, kicking a loose puck up to Bergeron.  Bergeron comes in, down the right.  Seguin in the slot.  Bergeron flips it to him, it gets deflected and Seguin bats it out of mid-air over the sieve’s left shoulder.  My reaction? “ARE YOU SERIOUS?” Hand-eye coordination perfection.  Sick mitts.

Goal #3 – Again a smart play from the Professor (would you expect anything less?), with a little help from Marshamont and Seguin nets his first hatty of his career.

This is only the beginning, people.

There is a reason why he went #2 Overall.   And you’ve just seen it right there.  Yes, he may be young, but there is no denying the talent he possesses.  Is he the next “face” of the NHL?  We certainly hope so.

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Side note: Seguin may be a natural centerman but there was something so beautiful about the way that he played with Bergeron.  

Just like Biggie and Puff Daddy – Bergeron laced the track.  Seggy rocked the flow.

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  1. There’s no non-cougar way to appreciate this man boy. Jess will concur. As you said, WUYS – LIKE A BOSS.

  2. I love the gif at the bottom – like he can’t help but giggle.

    • Trying to be all hard and gangsta…but failing…

  3. Here is where I put on my nerd glasses and correct the teacher: He was #2 overall. #1 was the confusingly hot Taylor Hall, who is also making ridonkulously good hockey alongside the ultrasound that is The Nuge on the Oilers.

    • ZOMG! Typo. Fixing…

    • “alongside the ultrasound that is The Nuge on the Oilers”

      I DIE.

      so foonay.

  4. He IS the only non-Hawk on my freebie five, after all. This great milestone only confirmed my instincts. Even my friends who think hockey is stupid want him to take them up against the wall.

    • “Even my friends who think hockey is stupid want him to take them up against the wall.”

      You win. That is the greatest thing I will read today.

    • Amy – who are the four Hawks on your freebie five???? Clearly, what I’m most interested in.

      • I like your style.

        I have three Hawks (and one non-athlete *gasp* but it’s Cory Monteith from Glee (tall, awk, and Canadian FTW)). But yeah it’s the usual suspects. Cap’n Serious, Kaner (surprinsly I’ve been more a fan of Kaner lately than Tazer, which is akin to hell freezing over), and Sharpie (despite him being married I DONT CURRRR)

        • Clearly we are the same person. Cory is just a less-hot version of Toews, no?

          • Amy

            Clearly, we are. I concur. In fact, that is what justified adding him to the freebie five.

  5. Scarlett Reply

    this commercial

    this is how I convince friends to watch hockey with me. Works every time ; )

    • Gets ’em every time!

      Rick Nash, you are my dream man.

    • There is nothing like watching Rick Nash practice free of charge on no-class Fridays given it’s not game day.

      That being said, he appeared last Friday to be a proud participant of Movember.

  6. I think I might be the only person who reads this blog who doesn’t find Seguin attractive at all… What’s strange is that I’m an 18 year old girl…

    Gonna go hide before fellow blog-readers start throwing heavy and/or sharp objects for that comment.

    • I’m sure you’re not the only one. To each her own, we say.

      I mean seriously, Dawn thinks Ovechkin is hot. And I will never understand that one.