Kris Letang on Drew Doughty

come on in, the waters fine ... don't mind if I do

Forget Foxy Friday … Here comes Sexy Saturday when the two hottest defenseman in the league go mono-e-mono in a rare denfense-fest meeting! It’s hard out there for a Penguin, sister – and this will be happy feet 58 meets Immortal 8– Get your tickets now! Because I’m hoping that one or both lose their jersey.

Here's hoping something like this happens! But will Shannahammer fine them or stuff a benajamin in their gear?

Oh hockey Gods – here me now. I want to see some rimming in the corners, some going hard against the boards, maybe see Drew/Kris bang a couple dirty ones in. Or hey, they could go after each other like rams. Can you tell I’ve been saving these quotes for a post like this? Or they could go hard on hard.

I got it! Oh yes you do ....

Here are a few more, “Maybe Flower could show Drew his five hole and then close the door.” “His shot was swallowed by the flower.”

Or if worst comes to worst and the game ties, we will go to a hair flipping/ fashion contest:

Either way, work or no work, I’m not missing this meeting of defense men hotties. My two favorites going at it – oh god. It’s better than, well, no, I can’t think of anything actually except for being there to bang on the glass (eh hum) and cheer them on in person.

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  1. Who ever took that picture of Tanger in the pool knew they were doing a favor to women everywhere. They deserve an award.

  2. MelTing Reply

    Let me guess, Dawn, you have a type and it’s disheveled brunettes with killer smiles…

    I concur!

  3. Cassy Reply

    Oh lord, if it’s a repeat of LePretty v Engo there’ll be a spontaneous coordinated explosion of ovaries across the female hockey loving global population!

    Book me a ringside seat Dawn?

  4. Lorri Flury Reply

    Kick his ass, Kris!!!! GO PENS!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous Reply

    I am so upset that I am missing this game. No good deed goes unpunished though, right? I guess I’ll just have to watch the Sabres vs. Senators game tonight and get over it.

    • Okay so this comment was mine. Not on my own comuputer so I forgot to log in. It turns out I’m watching the Rangers vs. Candiens game instead of the Sabres vs. Senators. Still not as good as my Penguins but it will be interesting to see Avery return.

  6. dawncherrie Reply

    Mr. Cherrie say regarding Buffalo since taht is his team – “As well you should.” LOL I on the other hand will be sitting by a nice warm fire enjoying my boys going at it and not worrying who comes out on top or bottom … 🙂 SO EXCITED for my once a year meeting … GO EITHER ONE! Just as long as they go AT EACH OTHER … Hoping for some video to post – post game! 😉

  7. Kačka Reply

    OMG OMG OMG, I found photo of young Kris Letang with blonde hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want to send it to you, but I can’t find your mail 🙁 My life is complete now :D:D

    And sorry for my bad English- I am from Czech Republic 😀

    • dawncherrie Reply

      I’ve seen it … but you can send it to and never worry about your english! 🙂 We love the Czech Republic .. some of the best hockeyplayers come from there!