Thriller Night

Nicky, I’m sorry I passed up your game to go to the movies.  Tower Heist was funny, but we could have rented it on DVD and had a WUYS office slumber party.  Still, it’s just one night.  There is no need to try to kill me.

When I got into the car and turned on the radio, the Caps had been down 3-0 and battled back to 4-2. It’s pretty rare that I listen instead of watch the game and let me tell you, it’s intense!  They’re yelling and I’m yelling and just imagining everyone crashing and skating while I should be driving.  Probably right under Tweeting for things you shouldn’t do behind the wheel.

Brouwer scored (more points for Wides, fantasy darkhorse).  The Caps couldn’t convert a delay-of-game minor but they were hammering away.  Then at 19:18, Nicky B scored the game-tying goal [link].  Look how open he was!  Look at Joel Ward freaking out!  Cue dance party in my car.

Overtime: two minutes of the announcers having a heart attack live on-air.  Brilliant.  At 2:18, Nicky scored again to win the game [link].  Look at the head tip where he tells Ovi to switch sides!  I nearly drove off the road.  The only place more dangerous would have been section four-oh-whatever where I probably would have taken Gator out with me.

Nicky, post-game [link]: Be cuter. I dare you.  Also maybe take the sticker off that says you have a small-to-medium head.  Just sayin’.

Nicky leads the Caps with 4 G + 10 A (8 points in his last 5 games).  Wideman is right behind him, killing it for my fantasy team with 3G + 7A.  (Look out Mike, someone else is piling up points at your blue line.)  Trust that Nicky is going to STRUT in that celeb fashion show tonight.  Well deserved, Backs.

If you’re interested in controversy that isn’t really controversial, Ovi was benched for the end of regulation and not happy about it.  Flurry of commentator hairspray and coffee cups.  He did get on the ice for OT and assist on the game-winner, so errrrybody calm down.  Sometimes you do what works.  Read more about Ovi/BB here [link].

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  1. Kitkat Reply

    It was a total dance party at the phone booth last night… hugging and high-fives all around and I think I was picked up when Nicky clinched the game winning goal but it was all a blur of screaming and happiness. Nicky is my hero & we’re undefeated on home ice!

  2. When he scored the game-tying goal, I thought “Oh awesome! Pants is going to be so happy.”

    Then when he scored the OT winner, I thought “Oh noes. Pants is going to pass out.”

  3. There’s that happy interview face again!