Shanabanned: Andy Sutton

5 games for this hit on Gabriel Landeskog.

Mr. Shanahan does not like it when you mess with our Foxy Friday honorees.

Not. One. Bit.

Click [here] for Shanabanned’s ruling. 


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  1. You guys need to trademark “Shannaban” before it takes off! I see it happening.

    • You think too highly of us – sadly we didn’t come up with “Shanaban.” But we would have eventually (or so we’ll say).

      • Darn.
        Well, of course you would have! And because of that, I’m just going to pretend it was a WUYS creation.

        • We’re cool with that.

  2. Some Oiler fan bias here, but Landeskog should keep his head up, and Sutton is 37 feet tall. That’s why his shoulder hit his head.

    Granted if that was Pronger or someone on RNH I’d be calling for his head.

    • “Sutton is 37 feet tall.”

      That’s sure to complicate things.