Dear Frustrated Superstar

Hahaha, I thought this was the commercial that plays before the video starts.  But it is the video!  Patrick Kane Discover Card commercial [link]

Girls, my credit card is maxed out. I need a ride.

Patrick, you got drunk and gave it to us last night.

Very funny. Come get me.

Great party though.  Too bad you fell asleep.  All that fun and only Toews to hang out with… he may never recover.

But I was Foxy Friday.

What can we say?  He’s serious about WUYS.

That's it, I'm walking.

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  1. I HAVE to comment on this post – PKane, I LOVE YOU! Damn, he looks so good in that commercial.

    WUYS – haven’t you heard the news? Kaner has a girlfriend now – apparently it was in a pre-game video and then Tumblr exploded. No more getting drunk and picking up chicks now – Kane just hangs out with his lady and eats Twizzlers (no, for serious, that’s what he said).

    If it keeps him from punching cab drivers and missing practices with hangovers, I’m ecstatic. Candy for everyone!!

    • I wonder if on date nights they bite of the ends of the twizzlers and use them as straws…

      • Gator and I went to the movies to see The Three Musketeers. Every single Twizzler in my bag was defective – zero had holes all the way through for maximum straw possibilities. This was a serious problem. Glad to know I’m not the only one who relies on this form of entertainment.

        • What?! Gah, the remains of my childhood slumber parties are slipping away. How am I supposed to drink the coke that goes with my pop rocks now?

        • I hate when that happens.

          Because I love me some Twizzlers.

    • While we’re not going to post a photo of Kaner’s girl, let us just say she is ADORABLE. She is 100% more adorable, respectable and nice looking than we might have expected (bad WUYS for thinking otherwise). Applause all around!

      • I agree, Pants. ADORABLE, ADORABLE, ADORABLE. I love Boyfriend PKane.

        • I totally agree as well! I’m very happy for them.

  2. AYF Reply

    When did P Kane get so hot? Damm…one summer later and he no longer the zitty faced kid in the quad looking to ditch class!

    Thanks for the eye candy.

  3. Lindsay can confirm… I have been text-shouting “PATRICK KANE BE MY BOYFRIEND!!” all day. Actually, it started last night when I found out he was boyfriend material… and then I ate some Twizzlers. But this commercial sealed the deal. For now (as in until there is new footage of Jonathan Toews playing golf at the Hawks Dad’s Trip), Kane >>>> Toews. And I NEVER thought I would say that.