Glamour Shots: Pittsburgh Penguins

All other NHL teams have officially been put on notice.

We wish more teams would highlight their talent like this.

And by highlight, we mean take insanely attractive glamour shots of their players and create calendars which we can buy and hang in our offices and sigh dreamily over as we format excel spreadsheets, take conferences calls about monkeys, and troll tumblr for more photos.

Ladies, you know what time it is. It's sexy time.

Do not fear. I shall return.

Me too. I'm right behind him.

Hai. You're pretty. Let's make out.

Smartest guy on the team. Literally. I went to Harvard.

Czech him out, ladies.

I knew I should have combed my hair. Oh well.

Only thing missing is photo of James Neal.  If there was, you can be sure Pants would be blowing that photo up and making a Nealmobile shrine, serial killer style in some abandoned Annapolis warehouse.

Thanks to our WUYS friend Amber (@aemorgan) for the heads up.  She knows what we like.  

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  1. Goddamnit, Letang….you too, JStaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal.
    Side note – did you know most men do not understand Tanger’s sexy? I know, my brain can’t understand either.


  2. The dark eyes. The come hither stare.
    Boy is FIONE!

    Men are idiots. They think Paris Hilton is attractive. Really? Come on, guys.

    I don’t know, but I think that we need to find away to get free copies of said calendar and give them away as WUYS prizes!

    How do we maximize our free swag obtaining potential?

  3. Ask and you shall recieve…..

    Caps glamour shots from 2009 (a selected section of the entire photo shoot):

    2009 was a great year for (lady) Caps fans–these were the photos used in their intros/goal announcements. I believe the rest of them can be seen, abiet piecemealed, at Scarlet Caps. Case in point: brooks laich shirtless

    • Bonus Brent Johson! And Tom Poti (go BU). But Karl Alzner is the cutest. 😉

      • Oh hai Dave Steckel.

        Where is Tom Poti these days?

        • Still on’s the groin, still. So sad, I love me some TeaPot.

          I’m thinking of downloading 12 of these Caps glamour shots and using cafepress to make something I can drool over.

  4. Aside from the obvious… can we all just take a moment to appreciate Craig Adams? Why have I never noticed how dreamy he was before?

  5. Ohhhhhhhh… Those Staal boys come from HEARTY STOCK. Congratulations on your genetics. I need to make enormous, blonde children with Jordan Staal. Evolution of the human race demands it.

  6. Carter Reply

    CHRIST ON A HOCKEY STICK. I neeeeeeeeeed a copy of this calendar. I NEED IT.

  7. aemorgan Reply

    So I guess it’s time to retire the “seriously pissed” moniker. I haven’t been super pissed in a while, especially not while visiting WUYS!

    I have mixed feelings about whether or not I would actually like to own this calender. I would get to November and just stop. It would be November, 2011 for the rest of my life.

  8. Wait, you can log in here using twitter? How the hell did I miss that all of the thousands of times I’ve been on your site?

    • No idear. it’s been there the whole time….

  9. Cassy Reply

    Mother. Of. God.

    Can someone get me this one and a Bruins one? Purleese?!

    I’m DESPERATE here!!

  10. Lorri Reply

    Its gonna be November year ’round!!!!!!!! I’ve been saying all along that Michalek is adorable, too:D I heard they were GIVING these out at Saturday nights game!!!!!! I MUST have one!!!!!!!