Clean Up, Aisle 8

Gator and I were at the Caps game last night when Mikey got hurt at the end of the 2nd period.  We were busy revising iCarly’s participation in Gator’s Life Plan, so we just saw contact, then Mike fell down.  This happens a lot, folks.  But Mike got up very awkwardly, half-stumbled to the bench and leaned against the glass doubled-over for a moment before going to the locker room.  We looked at each other and said, “Not again!” or “We need snacks!” or something.  I thought it was his hand.

Luckily, Mike was back at the start of the 3rd period and appeared fine.  We come to find out, from the lovely @lisacooperstein, that we missed one of the greatest hockey calls of all time, by Craig Laughlin:

“Mike Green got hit in the produce section.” 

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It’s a good thing we didn’t know this diagnosis.  Section 403 has only a tiny piece of glass to keep people confined to the upper deck, and a 20 foot drop would clearly be the quickest way to down to volunteer Good Samaritan help.  I watched Alias.  One lipstick-shaped grappling hook and a backflip, I’m there.

Mike played the entire 3rd and is on the ice for Caps practice this morning, so presumably there’s no, ahem… damage from the injury.  But really Mike, how am I supposed to resist making jokes like, “We told you last season to stop getting hit in the head!”  You’re not helping.  Stop smirking.

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  1. Lisa Reply

    I love you ladies!!!! And of course I hope Mike’s junk is ok! You can always expect something random out of Craig Laughlin’s mouth!! Since I can’t make it to as many games as you guys i’ll be sure to update you on any more Craig Laughlinisms!

  2. It’s posts and commentary like this that keep me coming back to WUYS time and time again! Glad Mikey didn’t appear to suffer any serious damage to his, erm…produce.

  3. Perhaps we should have been more clear.

    “Mike – don’t get hit ANYWHERE, EVER! Not the head. Not the face. Not the leg. Not the twig and berries. Nowhere.”

    Are we going to have to wrap him in bubble wrap?