It Will Only Be A Matter Of Time

Lazy forever? I’ve already got you beat …

Right now these only come in gray, navy and ‘fashionable’ pink but since they actually went as far as saying “being a hit at your next tailgate party.”

I’m seeing these as not only the next snuggie (although I’ve been wearing adult footie jammies for YEARS) but I’m hoping the NHL will run with it and start branding THE CAPITALS (insert your favorite team) across those awesome – ah oh! exit flaps when you gotta go!

I’ve never ventured out in public in my footies though, but I see these as ‘THOSE’ pants THOSE men wear to football, baseball and soccer games. You all know which ones I’m talking about! So move over Green Men, there’s a new fashion statement on the horizon but call right now, you get two for one!

just like my friend Gaylord here ...


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