I was just going to say that…

Sam Kasan’s reports from Penguins practices are daily gold and you should never miss them.  But today, it’s truly special [link].

In honor of Crosby being cleared for contact, he dedicates Weezer’s cover of Britney’s “(Hit Me) Baby… One More Time.”  (Warning: it sounds a lot like the time I sang it, in costume, at a BU Halloween Party).  And the James Neal caption below couldn’t have been better if we’d written it ourselves.

Word on the street is that Flower recently got engaged.  Can we get an “awwwwwww?”  Can he have all Pens groomsmen and swear at them as they approach the receiving line, like in the 24/7 shootout?

Can I carry the rings? No. Flowers. No. Can I have the bridesmaids? Maybe.

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  1. The audio/visual of Flower swearing at his groomsmen with that adorbs French-Canadian accent….

    I die.