I can't take anymore OT.

Please take a moment to enjoy the titles of NHL.com’s highlight reel from last night’s Penguins/Capitals game.  Intentional or unintentional innuendo hilarity?

Since I’m sure you all heard me screaming, you know the Nealmobile scored two goals.  The second on request – I literally said, “Please score!” and he did.  Immediately.  I like a man who knows how to listen.   Post-game interview here.

Not to get too excited, but James Neal leads the NHL in goals.  NBD.

Things got nasty when Jay Beagle popped Letang’s helmet off and earned himself a faceful of Aaron Asham’s fist.  Beagle went down in two punches and a pool of blood (broken visor?), clearly stunned.  Asham skated away mocking Beagle by miming he was “out” and feigning sleep.  Asham apologized after the game for his “classless” grandstanding [link].  It was pretty gross – you’re a fighter, when you beat a guy, act like you’ve been there before.  Beagle was helped off by Carlzner, and appeared to regain his senses on the way.  No update on his condition yet.

The Caps killed a lot of penalties, plus Ovi got his first of the season.  Two assists for Backstrom, who is still looking for his first goal.  (He hasn’t scored in regular or post-season play since March 22.)  I’m telling you, he’s going to bust out soon.  Please don’t let this be the thing I’m wrong about!

In the end, the Caps won on a sweet OT goal from my fantasy teamer Dennis Wideman.   Caps post-game interviews here and the hardhat…

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  1. lisa Reply

    Nick will get his groove back soon!!! In the meantime he is playing strong!!


    Awwwww Beep Beep!