Dashing Caps

Gator FTW! She just sent me this – trolling the internet for pictures of iCarly when she should be working.  Wonder who she learned that from?

Capitol File – Washington Capitals Model Fall Fashions

Here’s the link to short player profiles and a link to the video.  Knuble’s vest and Hendy’s rolled-up sleeves are my favoriteas.  Nicky looks like he carries his books to school in a strap and can’t wait for milk & cookies at home.  iCarly is a mafia enforcer, Neuvy is the crime boss (no one would suspect!).

(PS: Where is Mike?! What kind of fashion show is this?!  I wonder if he was invited.  I can’t believe Nicky went without him.  So proud, Backs!)

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  1. Kitkat Reply

    Oh, this is delicious…

  2. Scarlett Reply

    Hmmmm….why hello there Mr. Hendricks. Who knew you were so good looking. Also, Matty has taken to heart Coach BB’s catch phrase “grab your sack” and he is spreading the way of life to the masses.(see hand placement)
    Nicky look like a 12 year old. And he makes me want to yodel. Is that weird?
    Neuvy looks like a Bond villain. In a good way.
    And Mike Knuble….they must have offered him cookies or something. He is just sitting there like the little kid in every family portrait like “whatevs, take my pic. Now where’s my ice cream sundae?”
    P.S. Little John Carlson is not so little. When he is not wielding a tire iron for the mafia, he should be a bodyguard….MY bodyguard.
    All in all, this photo shoot reeks of excellence. And I don’t even like the Caps. But how can I be angry about last night’s loss when they look so darling in tweed. Not funny hockey gods, not funny.

    • Completely sums up my love for Nicky B: “And he makes me want to yodel. Is that weird?”

  3. Scarlett Reply

    It’s an urge that I must resist every time I see him on the ice. But I resist, because I believe that the yodel will remind him of his dearly beloved homeland. And will give him the inspiration to score many goals. And I cannot have that on my conscience. Pens fans all around the world, you are welcome.

    • Deanna Reply

      Ahhh never mind, you already linked to this video haha

  4. Cassy Reply

    1) where’s Brooks? And
    2) I don’t like Nicky’s hair.

    That is all.

    • I don’t like Nicky’s hair either! When they slick it like that it totally takes away from the beautiful blonde swedishness of his hair!
      If Brooks were in this, they wouldn’t need the four other guys. Hahaha

      • Cassy Reply

        Amanda – I think WE share a brain!

        • Finally someone who understands me… :]