Pens Win Home Opener

Last night before the Pens home opener, look who got interviewed?  My birthday indeed.

The Nealmobile also had a goal, along with Dupuis, Cooke and Park in the Pens 4-1 win over Florida.  Tanger had another assist and leads the NHL in both points (6) and assists (5).  And hair.  Flower leads the League with 3 wins.

Duck, duck, goose.

Sid and Geno were introduced along with the rest of the players.  The orange is a bold choice, but perhaps Geno really enjoys Halloween.  He’s day-to-day with a lower body injury but Disco Dan does not seem worried.

Sid has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow (what am I, his mom?) and people are legit freaking out that he might get cleared for contact.  He says the visit is routine but look at this smile.  Crosby’s got game face but I think he might be a terrible liar [link].

Did I mention the Pens are atop the NHL with 7 points?  What, is it too early to get excited?  Here’s a Pens video about kids hockey that will make you tear up [link].  And the cover of the new Fourth Period magazine (out in a few weeks) to get you pumped:

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  1. You might not be his mother, but that report sure sounded like it. I was waiting for her to ask if he also remembered to bring his insurance card and if he needs some extra money for the co-pay.
    SO happy to be seeing more of that smile though! :]

  2. I hate to comment on two posts in one day but….damn it, he’s so beautiful.
    That smile, so pretty – and the boy can rock a suit.
    The only thing that goes through my brain when I see Nealer is, “Honk, honk!”